Officials with the City of Proctor have issued an update on the process of the allegations regarding the high school football team.

In a statement that was released late in the afternoon on Wednesday, October 20, the Proctor City Administrator offered the latest on the case.  The information released suggests that the investigation is "nearing completion".

According our news partners at WDIO, the investigation has been a joint effort between the Proctor Police Department, school officials at Proctor High School, and the St. Louis County Attorney's Juvenile Office. Proctor City Administrator Jess Rich shared:

"The investigation is nearing completion and the Proctor Police Department is expecting to forward the reports generated by the investigation to the county attorney's office soon."

Any potential charges would come as the result of the investigation that first started about a month ago.  WDIO reports that the "Proctor School District first confirmed [on] September 22 that an investigation into the alleged student misconduct was underway.  A week later, the district announced that the football team's season had ended.  Head Coach Derek Patrendo later resigned from his teaching and coaching positions".

Proctor Police Department cop car in Proctor, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

One of the sensitive issues in this particular case is that the allegations involve an underage juvenile.  Additionally, there has been an intense interest in the case from the general public.   Proctor City Administrator Jess Rich addressed those concerns as well:

"We respectfully remind the public and press that despite intense media and public interest, this is a juvenile matter and very few details can be released, or will be released.  Media queries, rumors, speculation, social media posts, and unfounded reports have severely hindered and delayed this investigation and have done nothing for the well-being and privacy of those involved."

The next steps after that aren't set in stone.  It would then be the decision of the St. Louis County Attorney's Office as to whether or not to continue on and file criminal charges in regards to the allegations in the case.

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