Last Friday, after people had time to evaluate the extensive damage of the storm, we were asked to relay that a brush drop off center was open on Rice Lake Road.  Starting on Monday, July 24 the City of Duluth will begin curbside pick up of tree debris.

The Rice Lake location remained open this weekend will remain an option for residents.  However, in hopes to help make cleanup somewhat easier, the City of Duluth hired a contractor for debris removal and will start pick up efforts in the Woodland neighborhood.

If you have branches, tree trunks, brush or other tree debris to be picked up, it needs to be in your front yard or boulevard by Sunday night at 9p.  Be mindful not to block the sidewalk and please keep items on the boulevard and not in the street where people may be needing to park.

It's important to note that this isn't somewhere to put your weekly household garbage or if you have food waste from your refrigerator or freezer due to no power, those items need to be brought to the WLSSD waste drop off site.

As the cleanup progresses and we get more information from the City, I'll be sure to share with you.  It's so sad to peer out a window and see a wide open view where a huge tree once stood.  Or, quite surreal to drive through Canal Park and see the uprooted line of evergreens. However, there was minimal human injury with our community members and for that we should be grateful.