"You've got mail".  Or should we say - "You're getting mail!"  Ahead of the changing season, the City of Duluth is mailing 41,000 Snow Emergency Brochures - one to each residential and business address in the city.  The mailing will start to be delivered this week.

The mass mailing isn't new; this is the second year that the City of Duluth has sent a similar brochure to residents and business owners to communicate parking rules and snow removal requirements.

What is new is that this winter will mark the first time that the City of Duluth will have the ability to declare  snow emergency.  This particular mailer will detail the timeline of a snow emergency, provide information on parking during an active snow emergency, and offer other tips and reminders that residents and visitors should follow during the winter months.

The reason behind the mailed brochure is to make certain that everyone has a copy of the policies for reference.

When a snow emergency is issued, the City of Duluth will work with all of the media outlets in town, utilize social media, and use other forms of communication to alert the general public with the information they need.  The City will also issue a Northland Alert in the form of a text, email, or phone call to each person who has signed up for the system.  City leaders suggest that this is "the best, fastest method to receive a notification when a snow emergency has been declared".  Those Northland Alerts are free and easy to sign up for.  To register your name, just visit the page established on the City of Duluth's website.

Winter Storm Brings Heavy Snow To Western Washington
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One issue that has usually plagues the city during a winter snow storm are parked vehicles.  Parked cars are the "number one obstacle that snow plow drivers have in the winter".  Understanding when and where to park during a snow emergency can help improve snow plow response times.  This particular mailed brochure will also include a parking calendar that tells residents when to switch to even or odd sides of the street, and also where to park their vehicles during a snow emergency.

City leaders urge residents and business owners that receive the mailing to hang on to it throughout the winter season.  "[K]eep the brochure in a place where [you] can easily find it.  Keep it on your fridge, or bulletin board, make a copy so that you don't lose it".

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As the media release from the city announcing the mailing suggested "[t]his information will keep you from getting a ticket or getting towed this winter".

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