First everyone talked about the storm coming and how much snow we could potentially get.  Then, it was here, we talked about school closings and the fact that no travel was suggested.  Now that's it's over and the snow has been moved off the roads, we're talking about the build up of ice that makes our ride bumpy, rough and uncomfortable.  The City of Duluth has been out trying to remedy the situation but there's a good explanation why the roads haven't been cleared completely.

The City of Duluth's 22 plow trucks and 22 graders were out in full force this morning, but the lingering freezing temperatures remain a concern.

According, to a City of Duluth press release, temperatures need to warm up to at least 15 degrees for the salt to work, then the graders can chip away at the ice. Even then, care will need to be taken to not damage the roads. The weather forecast doesn’t look promising for the near future. For now, we’re requesting that the public use extreme caution, slow down, and be patient. In the meantime, trucks are out spreading sand to create traction as they plow the remainder of the streets.

Last Friday, the city crews were able to clear side streets and finish all alleys. Today, there are still some cars that remain buried and were not moved during the Sunday alternate side parking changeover. These remaining cars impede the work of plow drivers. The public is requested again to move cars as quickly as possible to allow plow drivers to do finish clearing streets and to prevent the need for ticketing.

Looking ahead, city crews will be planning for sidewalk snow removal and hauling away the mounds of snow that have accumulated since last Tuesday. The public is reminded not to throw excess snow onto the streets or alleys.

The City thanks the public for their patience and cooperation as city crews work to clear snow and create safe routes for transit.