Anyone who has been outside on a walk or a run in Duluth knows there is a lot of sand on Northland roads. While city street sweepers collect road sand from the streets as quickly as possible in the spring, the City of Duluth greatly appreciates any additional clean-up help from residents as it helps keep our streams clean, our ecosystems healthy, and our water safe.

To make those efforts more convenient, the City of Duluth has again placed road sand collection sites in various locations. As residents begin their spring clean-up, the collection sites serve as a place to dispose of road sand, salt, and other by-products of winter maintenance.

Duluthians have averaged an impressive 15 tons annually of road sand dropped off at collection sites. Large roll-off dumpsters labeled “Road Sand Collection Site” are placed in five disposal locations throughout the city and they are available the entire month of May.

Similar to previous years, here are where residents will find the five disposal locations:

  • Wheeler Field
  • Piedmont Community Center
  • Duluth Heights Community Center
  • Chester Park
  • Portman Park
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The City of Duluth says their street sweepers collect an average of 6,000 tons of road sand from city streets annually, but again stresses the many advantages of having residents help in the effort.

Additionally, residents are invited to “Adopt a Storm Drain” near them, and report on
their clean-up activities. Participants will receive instructions on how to adopt a drain near them, get to choose and name their storm drain and receive a welcome packet with a small yard sign showing their participation.

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