A star is among us in the Northland and thankfully, she's documenting a lot of her adventures on Instagram! Actress and singer Christina Milian is spending time in Duluth right now thanks to a project she is working on.

Back in November, I spotted a post by the star and was shocked to see that she was in the area! She even posed in front of the Fitger's Hotel, which is an easy spot for any Duluthian or tourist.

Not only did she post the series of photos in front of the Duluth landmark but she was also spotted at a local nail salon. An employee from the salon shared a photo with her and posted it on social media, which only confirmed the fact that she was here and probably staying for a bit!

I decided to check out her social media pages to see if she was still in town and it looks like she is - and loving it! She has been sharing photos and videos galore on her Instagram page and we are here for it.

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One great example? She recently shared a fun video on her Instagram page of her and her makeup artist hanging out on set in Duluth. She even has a hashtag now to document her Duluth adventures! It appears she is getting used to the cold.

Shortly after, she posted another adventure, this time from across state lines! She shared a fun photo from Superior, stating in the caption that she found some cute things in an antique shop and wanted to show them off.

The star also posted a story on her Instagram story, which has since expired, saying she was on set in Duluth. She also mentioned that Duluth was beautiful but cold as she walked outside her trailer with snow very visible in the background.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the star is in town filming a movie called Body Language. I hadn't seen anything about the film but heard rumors about another project filming here. The website says they will be filming in downtown Duluth through Friday (November 18th).

Speaking of movies, be sure to catch Merry Kiss Cam on Hulu this Thanksgiving! The film was shot in and around Duluth and features many locals in supporting roles and as extras. Maybe Duluth is the new Hollywood.

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