Get ready for yet another country concert in Minnesota. If you love golf, this might just be your favorite concert of the year. Ha!

Chris Lane At The 3M Open

The country star will perform a special post-game concert at the 3M Open on Saturday, July 27th. It's the Post Play Par-Tee. To attend, you must also have a ticket to the open itself.

There are a ton of different packages you can purchase if you want to see Chris Lane perform, watch the open or both.

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Chris Lane With Blanco Brown, ERNEST & Mackenzie Porter In Concert - Los Angeles, CA
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The Best Ticket Option

If you want to see Chris Lane perform and that is your main objective, you can get a fan pass for $25 bucks. This ticket option also grants you access to the grounds that day.

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There are a ton of other ticket options if you want to go all out via the 3M Open's official website. Golf and a country concert sure sounds like the perfect summer day to me!

Chris is known for his handful of country music hits, including his debut smash hit Fix. He also has hits like Big, Big Plans and I Don't Know About You. He always puts on a great show!

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This is just one of many concerts we have coming to Minnesota. The 3M Open takes place in Blaine, which is a few hours from Duluth. Buckle up! By the way, he's a big golf fan so this is probably a dream job for him.

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