Chris Janson has released the video for "Redneck Life," a song he co-wrote with Mitch Oglesby that's featured on his new EP Fix a Drink.

The song is an ode to the way he grew up — fishing and hunting and living the redneck life, and it's as true as any of his songs.

"I believe in staying true to your roots, and I believe that if you're going to make music for a fan base," Janson tells Rolling Stone Country. "I know as a listener, I want to be able to believe who I am listening to, and I am that kind of guy. No matter what the subject matter in my songs, in some form or facet I have lived, am living, or plan to be living that song."

The rollicking, harmonica-driven track has Janson and his family riding around the woods as he sings of his youth. "I didn't choose the redneck life, the redneck life chose me," he belts.

Janson's Fix a Drink project was released on June 9, and the singer says fellow Nashville songwriter Ashley Gorley taught him a great deal about writing while collaborating on several songs.

“He brought out in me mostly melody, melodic structure,” Janson tells Taste of Country. “I’m a one-two punch kind of guy. I generally write in the same direction if I’m being just natural old me and not trying to hit any kind of mark, so to speak. I think everybody probably does; they write in their direction, but I got out of my lane big time with Ashley on several occasions now.”

Two of the songs the writers worked on include “Fix a Drink” and “Name on It,” both featured on the EP. Janson says he hopes to work with Gorley more in the future, calling the songwriter a “brilliant genius.”

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