The Superior Fire Department got an early Christmas present, thankfully it was specially delivered by Santa, it never would have fit down a chimney.

Last Friday, the department invited some city officials to check out Superior's new ladder truck that can reach 101-feet. This new truck, the largest in the Fire Department's fleet, replaces a previous truck that was in service for 25 years.

The new 1.3 million dollar truck was funded by the city and by private businesses and organizations. It took nearly two years to design and build this custom-made truck for the city, which they say will drastically improve the department.

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Superior Fire Chief Scoot Gordon told WDIO, "It’s going to change the way we do rescues. The capabilities of this truck are going to outdo what we’ve ever done before. It’s going to change the future of the department."

The new truck is being leased by the city from E-ONE Firetrucks for 10 years, at the conclusion of the lease, the city will buy the truck for $1. The old truck will get some much-needed repairs and return to service as a backup firetruck for the city in the near future.

E-ONE is based in Flordia, but did you know that there is a large Fire Truck maker in Minnesota? Rosenbauer, located in Wyoming, Minnesota, is an international company that manufactures a variety of heavy equipment including some top firetrucks in the world, Rosenbauer Minnesota is a partner of the larger international corporation and makes a variety of firetrucks including a new electric firetruck.

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