UPDATE 4:05 PM 10/1/19

Mayor Paine announced that the device has been removed, and Tower Avenue is reopened. Authorities are examining the device to determine if it was actually a bomb. Meanwhile, all roads in Superior are opened that were closed due to high water.


UPDATE 1:05 pm 10/1/19

Mayor Paine shared a photo of the device that led to the "credible bomb threat" earlier Tuesday via social media. More information about this device is expected once the Marathon County Bomb Squad arrives on scene to deal with the device.

Here is the post the mayor updated with a photo of the device.

UPDATE 12:05 pm 10/1/19

Superior Mayor Jim Paine held a press conference near the site at 11:45 Tuesday morning to provide further information in relation to the bomb threat reported earlier this morning.

The mayor referred to the incident as a "credible bomb threat", which was reported by a passerby just after 9:00 am this morning in front of the new fire hall on Tower Avenue in Superior. The mayor used this example to remind the public to always report anything suspicious to authorities by calling 911.

While a section of Tower Avenue has been closed until the Marathon County Bomb Squad can arrive to further investigate, Mayor Paine informed the public there is no threat to any areas outside of the places closed off to the public. He assured the media that surrounding businesses, the hospital, school, and other areas are safe. He even went as far as to encourage people to visit businesses in the area that are not within the closed of space.

Officials anticipate Tower Avenue will be reopened and everything will be back to normal sometime later this afternoon, but an exact timeframe is not available, as it is dependent on when the bomb squad arrives and what they determine as they investigate the device. You can see a map of the closure below.

The fire hall is still operating, and has responded to calls since the report of this device. Personnel have been moved, but are still able to respond to calls.

Superior officials are unsure of what the devices is, but say it appears to be an improvised explosive. A further determination of what the device is will be offered once the bomb squad is able to investigate and deal with it. In the meantime, Superior Police have "shielded" the device to minimize any potential threat to the immediate area.

The mayor did emphasize that while they have evacuated the fire hall and closed Tower Avenue in both directions in the immediate area of the fire hall, there is no perceived threat to any other businesses or to the public outside of the marked off area. To illustrate this, Mayor Paine held this press conference in the Grizzly's Wood-Fired Grill parking lot, not far from the fire station.

The closed portion of Tower Avenue is marked in yellow (via 511 WI), between the two points on the map. You can see a full-size version of the map here.

511 WI
511 WI

ORIGINAL STORY 10:18 am 10/1/19

Superior Mayor Jim Paine has posted on Facebook that there is a "credible bomb threat" at the Superior Fire Department's new building on Tower Avenue. According to the post, a device was found and the state bomb squad is en route and will clear the threat in the next few hours. In the meantime, Tower Avenue is closed in that area and you are asked to take alternative routes.




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