The mosquitoes were pretty bad last weekend.  We were at the cabin in Northern Minnesota, so it's pretty much always bad.  Every trip up I pick up a can of family bug spray, usually with the less amount of DEET to apply to the kids.  I usually get a higher concentrated DEET bug spray for the adults.  We usually get quite a few bug bites anyway.   This time we tried something all natural to see how it would work.  It's called Cedarcide.

Some of our other family members were up and they said to give it a try.  It's all natural, and doesn't contain any of the poisonous chemicals that could harm pets or children (or you) for that matter.   It's made out of Texas Cedar Oil and hydrated silica, and that's all there is too it.   But could this possibly work?

To my surprise it worked as good as the other insect sprays if not better.  It smells like cedar, and it almost leaves a shine on your skin.  It's not sticky as much as it makes your skin feel smooth.  If you can handle the smell of cedar, than it's not that bad.  I was still getting bit after I originally put the regular bug spray on, but after a while I switched over to Cedarcide and I honestly was bit far less.

If you know me, I'm the last person to suggest something organic over conventional methods, but this one has me sold.

The product claims it's safe for kids, pets, and to even spray around your house.  I've already ordered some today.

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