Duluth will once again provide the backdrop for a new movie and a casting call has been announced. The thriller 'Nana's Here' will be filming in Duluth from September 6-18. It was written by John Burd, who will also be directing.

'Nana's Here' is being produced by Clara Davies & Title One Films they're looking to cast men and women actors to fill 12 roles. This is non-union and those cast will be paid $216 per day, with lodging and catering also provided.

A synopsis of the film was provided by co-producer Clara Davies:

After a difficult childhood in foster care, all STEPHANIE SPENCER ever wanted was a happy family of her own. So her life with her loving husband KEVIN and brand new baby ANDREW seems like a dream come true. But her dream turns into a nightmare when Kevin dies suddenly in a car accident. Now, alone with no family of her own except Andrew, and about to lose her house, Stephanie is at the end of her rope– until Kevin’s estranged mother KATHERINE shows up. Katherine explains that her greatest regret was that she never made peace with her son before he died. Now, she would like nothing more than to help Stephanie and the baby. But beneath her motherly exterior, Katherine hides dark motives. After losing her own son, she wants a second chance at motherhood. And she’ll stop at nothing to claim Andrew for her own.

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The following roles will be cast for the film:

  • STEPHANIE SPENCER (20s - 30s) (Female) - Still reeling from the unexpected death of her husband, Stephanie is struggling to keep herself and her infant son afloat, but she’s nearly given up hope. When Katherine arrives, it seems like an answer to her prayers. But Stephanie is a survivor, and as she begins to discover Katherine’s dark intentions for her son, she’ll call on all her strength to protect her son, and herself.
  • KATHERINE SPENCER (40s or older) (Female) - A mother whose child was taken from her at a young age, Katherine always hoped to reunite with him. When she discovers he has been killed, Katherine contacts his widow with an offer to help her raise her grandson. But Katherine has dark intentions– she will stop at nothing to take this child as her own.
  • ALLY O’NEAL (20s - 30s) (Female) - Stephanie’s best friend, Ally stepped in after Kevin’s death to support Stephanie in every way she could. She resents Katherine’s arrival as it seems like Stephanie is taking her for granted. Snarky but loving, she would do anything for Stephanie and Kevin, but she does not trust Katherine at all.
  • EVA SAINTE-JOHN (20s) (Female) - A nanny who loves her job, and is excellent at it, Eva seems like an answer to Stephanie’s prayers. But when she runs afoul of Katherine, who sees her as a threat, she’ll be taken out by any means necessary.
  • ERIC WAGNER (20s - 30s) (Male) - An officer in the local police department, Eric was an acquaintance of Kevin’s and had the difficult task of delivering the news of his death to Stephanie. When he shows up at the scene of a domestic disturbance between Stephanie and Katherine, he has to decide whether to follow the law or his gut, which tells him something is off about Katherine.
  • DR. KENTON (30s or older) (Male or Female) - Baby Andrew’s pediatrician, Dr. Kenton is duped by Katherine into believing the worst about Stephanie’s mothering, with dangerous consequences.
  • JAMES SPENCER (20s - 30s) (Male) - The perfect husband, handsome and charming, Kevin loves his wife and son more than anything. After overcoming his own difficult childhood, it is his life’s mission to ensure that his son has a happy and stable home. But fate may have other plans.
  • SHEILA GRANT (30s or older) (Female) - An ambitious and successful realtor, when Sheila learns that Stephanie has fallen behind on her mortgage, she sees an opportunity for a killer listing. But her persistent nature proves to be more of an asset than a liability when she is confronted by Katherine.
  • DAISY HERNANDEZ (40s or older) (Female) - A woman from Kevin’s past, Daisy fills Stephanie in on the harrowing events of her deceased husband’s childhood, and Katherine’s true identity– but it may already be too late.
  • JORDAN GRANT (30s or older) (Male or Female) - A well-meaning social worker at the hospital, Jordan is forced to intervene to grant emergency custody to Katherine when it looks like Stephanie has recklessly put her infant son’s life in danger.
  • CARTER PHILLIPS (30s or older) (Male or Female) - Stephanie and Ally’s boss, Carter is hard-working and driven. Respected by employees as tough, but fair. Carter enjoys Ally’s antics (up to a point), but also wants to ensure that the company doesn’t suffer from Ally’s often unorthodox approaches to terms like “punctuality” and “deadlines.”
  • NURSE GREENE (20s or older) (Male or Female) - A nurse at the psych ward, who may be in line to be Katherine’s next victim.

Those interested in auditioning for a part are asked to email their role(s) of interest along with a headshot and resume to: CLARA@BURDHOUSEPOST.COM.

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