What could be a more Wisconsin welcome than this?!

Carrie Underwood was in Milwaukee Thursday night (June 20th) as part of her Cry Pretty 360 Tour and let's just say she got the most Wisconsin welcome ever.

How was she welcomed, you ask? With her face carved into a GIANT chunk of cheese!

See the cheesy photo below:

Ha! The venue definitely gets points for creativity. This is probably something Carrie will never forget.

The tour rolls into Minneapolis Friday (June 21st) and I am excited to see what kind of Minnesota hello we give the country star. Maybe her face carved in a chunk of ice?

Carrie has been having a great time on her current tour. She frequently posts pictures from the different nationwide tour stops and also pulls at our heartstrings with photos of her son, Isaiah, hanging out at soundcheck. Awwww!

We love Carrie in every way, shape or form - even cheese!

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