Right-leaning Canadian political group the Wildrose Party debuted its new campaign bus Monday. The tour bus is wrapped in an ad featuring party leader Danielle Smith. Big deal, right?  Well, the picture of Smith’s torso rises directly above the dual rear wheels, which makes those wheels appear directly under her neckline. Nice wheels, candidate! How big are those?

No one from Wildrose saw anything wrong with the wrap when the party received a proof of the ad last week. After a flurry of viral sharing on Twitter, Wildrose started to get the joke. After first accusing everyone of having a dirty mind, Wildrose officials stated they will soon change out the wrap.

“Glad to see everyone is so interested in our bus. Guess we’ll have to make a couple of changes huh?” Ms. Smith tweeted.

It will cost the party an estimated $10,000  to make the change, officials said.

Wildrose’s opponents are undoubtedly relishing the opportunity to use this quick reversal as an example of ‘the boobs on the other side of the aisle flip-flopping like they always do.’