We've all seen it in these hot summer months where pets have been left in a hot car in the parking lot. Many animal lovers may be tempted to break the window to rescue the pet from dying from heat exhaustion, but state laws vary on if that is a legal action.  So what's the answer for us here in the Twin Ports?

In Minnesota, citizens cannot break a window to save a pet.  It is illegal and you are urged to call 911.  There is a statue in place that emergency workers, volunteer fire or rescue department works, police, etc can use reasonable force to enter a car and remove a dog or cat. They must make a reasonable effort to contact the owner and if they cannot be reached, the pet will be brought to a shelter.

In Wisconsin, they are a little looser with the law. Anyone is immune to civil liability, personal or property injury if they follow these guidelines:

If they believe the pet is in imminent danger.

They have called 911 to contact authorities

They've tried to enter the vehicle if it's unlocked

They use reasonable force to enter

They remain with the pet until law enforcement arrives

If they needed to leave they must leave a note on the windshield

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