She loves getting chin scratches and being brushed.  Isn't she beautiful?  This is our Animal Allies Pet of the Week, a 4 year old Orange Tabby Manx, already spayed and looking for her forever home.  

Every Wednesday at 8:10 Ken and I talk with Daryl Yankee or an Animal Allies staff member about the Pet of the Week and this week it's this beautiful orange tabby cat that likes her chin scratched and her head rubbed.   [more adoptable pets]

According to Animal Allies, Butterscotch is a calm and loving cat that enjoys cuddling and relaxing in a cozy blanket burrow!  You may find that she is shy at first, but don't let that fool you.  After she adjusts to new situations or surroundings, she is adorable and a cuddle bug!   As with most Animal Allies adoptables, she is already spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. Butterscotch is waiting for you at 4006 Airport Road.  If you have questions you can call 218-722-5341.  Or, if Butterscotch isn't exactly what you're looking for there are other felines up for adoption.

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