This is not a good look. A woman was busted stealing flowers from a local restaurant in Superior.

Shamrock Bar and Pizza took to their Facebook page Wednesday (July 1st) to ask the public for help in identifying a woman caught on camera, allegedly stealing flowers from outside the restaurant. A timestamp on the photos shows the crime happened around 5:15 a.m. Take a look at the screengrabs below:

Shortly after sharing screenshots from the security camera footage, the restaurant offered an update, saying they had identified the woman in the photos. They wrote the following regarding the whole situation;

The person in the photos has been identified. Please keep in mind that there are indeed two sides to every story, and we have proof from more than one surveillance system of the correct side. Our flower basket still remains missing, and we’re still looking for it. Thank you to our community members for their assistance in this matter. We take great pride in our flowers, and the vandalism they have endured this year is not only financially frustrating, but it is also very disappointing.

It is definitely a bummer that this happened for obvious reasons but even more so when you take into consideration how much restaurants have already suffered from COVID-19.

To make matters worse, this isn't even the first time someone stole flowers from the establishment. In a different post on their Facebook page, dated June 9th, the restaurant stated that someone took one of their hanging flower baskets from the front of the restaurant. At the time, they asked for anyone who had information on the missing flowers to give them a call. According to their most recent post, the basket still has not been found.

There is no word on if the crimes are connected. Hopefully nothing like this happens again!

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