Brad Paisley spent Sunday (April 23) celebrating the release of his brand-new album, Love and War, with various events in Nashville. The country star shared the visual version of the album with country radio programmers and industry executives at the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier in the day and, that night, headed to Tootsie's Orchid Lounge for a show that featured most of his Love and War collaborators: Bill Anderson, Timbaland and John Fogerty.

The Tennessean reports that Paisley and company were onstage at Tootsie's for more than 90 minutes, playing some of Paisley's hits, new tracks from Love and War and a number of Fogerty's iconic songs.

“There are 500 bands covering John Fogerty songs tonight," Paisley told the crowd, "but we’re the only one doing it with John Fogerty."

When Anderson came onstage, he sang his song "City Lights." Timbaland served as a makeshift band director of sorts during "Grey Goose Chase," one of two songs he co-wrote and co-produced for Love and War, sitting on an amplifier onstage and instructing Paisley's band when to play.

“The way we got this groove in the studio is that Tim’s girlfriend and a bunch of other people started beating on a bunch of stuff and made this bluegrass beat," Paisley recounted on Sunday night, "and here we are."

Also in Paisley's Tootsie's setlist were his hits "Water," "Alcohol," "Mud on the Tires" and more; among the Fogerty classics that the two performed were "Bad Moon Rising," "Fortunate Son" and "Proud Mary." They covered "Johnny B. Goode" as well, and performed the title track of Love and War, which Paisley and Fogerty wrote and recorded together.

“The thing I love about John Fogerty is that, two notes in, you know it’s him,” Paisley said onstage at Tootsie's. “With me, it’s like 45.”

Love and War also finds Paisley working with Mick Jagger, who was not in attendance on Sunday night. Additionally, the album's track “Gold All Over the Ground” features Johnny Cash as a co-writer.

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