This is a bummer but perfectly understandable. The new BoomTown restaurant set to open in Duluth this month has pushed their grand opening plans to a date later this year.

BoomTown is a restaurant known for their delicious appetizers, burgers and atmosphere. The restaurant is set to replace the old Sunset Bar & Grill in Duluth. However, that won't be happening for a bit.

I reached out to the restaurant, as I was excited to see if they were still on track to open this month as planned. I had a feeling they weren't, as restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic, having to shut temporarily and only offer takeout since early 2020. Restaurant organizers got back to me and said they were pushing the opening and hoping to do so by spring.

It should be noted that the restaurant has three other locations around Minnesota. According to staff, they have to work on reopening those locations first before they can move forward with the Duluth location.

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We will keep you updated when we learn just when the new BoomTown location in Duluth will open. I have my fingers crossed things get better and the restaurant can launch because the menu looks absolutely delicious!

In case you are curious, the new BoomTown location can be found at 4483 Martin Road. As mentioned, it will be replacing the old Sunset Bar & Grill. This news was announced back in January of 2020, stating that the Sunset was under new ownership.

Later in the year, they announced they were eyeing an opening date in January of this year. Hopefully they can get back on track and open this year. We can't wait to try it out!

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