It happens every year and it's one of those measurements of where we're at with the changing seasons; officials with the City of Superior are alerting the general public that the general portion of Billings Drive will close for the season.  The closure starts on Tuesday, December 1 and will be in effect for the remainder of the winter season.

The specific route of Billings Drive that is closing runs from the 42nd Street parking lot to Highway 105.  The route cuts directly through the Superior Municipal Forest.  This years closure falls in line with the usual operating procedure from years past.  City officials close the road to all vehicle traffic as it isn't maintained (i.e. plowed) during the off season.

Superior officials are also reminding the general public that motorized winter use will remain closed until other motorized trails open in the Municipal Forest.  However, both fishing access lots at McClure's Landing and Badger Drive will be opened up this week (week of November 30) as the temperatures continue to drop.

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Many find the route along Billings Drive to be a great way to enjoy the outdoors right in the heart of the city.  As the roadway cuts through the Superior Municipal Forest, drivers are treated to alternating vistas of wooded forest, clearings, and various bays off of the St. Louis River.  There are at least two "pull-over" access areas to the water - which are cleared enough for canoe or kayak access, but perhaps not enough for boat landing.  The roadway - and the municipal forest - offer a variety of different trails which are open for exploration.

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