Last night we were scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch, when we stumbled on 'The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From A Mythical Man.' It seem bizarre and we weren't sure what it was about, but what the heck.

Within just minutes we were laughing and smiling and by the time the documentary is over you start to really question why we take this life so damn seriously. That's the take away from this, Bill challenges you to look at life in a different way with his wackiness. The documentary highlights the strange appearances that he is now known for with eyewitness accounts, some video shots, and follow ups with those people's lives he changed.

Whether it's him walking into a kickball match, crashing a bachelor party, or just singing karaoke, Billy Murray's power of joy makes everyone's life better. This documentary does a great job of capturing the essence of Bill even without his consent.

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