There's a scam for just about everything these days.

According to a post from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, there are websites claiming to sell fishing and hunting licenses online. The only problem is they aren't legitimate.

A post on their Facebook page warns those that might be interested in purchasing hunting and fishing licenses online to take caution. Check out what they have to say below:

Anglers and hunters who buy their licenses online should do so ONLY from the Minnesota DNR website. There are websites that claim to sell fishing and hunting licenses – and will take your money – but you may come away from the transaction with extra charges or with improper licensure.

Good to know! They also note that there is only one website you should use if you are purchasing a license online:

Scammers really are getting more and more creative these days. Just a few weeks ago, people were posing as Medicare representatives to try to steal money from people. Ugh.

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