This news is devastating. The Lake Superior Zoo has announced the passing of one of their most beloved animals, Berlin. The polar bear was thirty-three years old and an absolute favorite among those that visited the zoo while she was there.

The Lake Superior Zoo shared the news on Facebook Thursday (January 12th), writing that Berlin passed away at the Kansas City Zoo. Berlin was at the Lake Superior Zoo until the flood of 2012, when she had to be relocated. However, she left a big spot in the hearts of everyone and was never forgotten.

According to the Lake Superior Zoo, Berlin joined the crew there back in 1990 when she was just a baby. Shortly after, her friend Bubba joined her as well and the two were a dynamic duo that everyone loved to see while at the zoo.

Berlin was thirty-three years old when she passed, which is old for a polar bear, according to zoo officials. She had declining health in recent months and despite doing everything they could, Berlin passed away while in Kansas City.

So many people joined the comments section to share their stories of Berlin and share their condolences to the zoo staff who loved her so much throughout the years. Based on the photos alone, she was pretty cute and will be missed.

In happier news, there have been some great additions to the Lake Superior Zoo as of late. In November, a baby goral named Tyrone was born at the zoo! I didn't know what a goral was until recently and I am obsessed.

They also recently welcomed some other amazing additions, including a cotton top tamarin monkey, which may be the cutest thing ever. Over the summer, they welcomed a baby monkey, this time a Angolan Colobus.

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