So, you can't afford Super Bowl Tickets, almost none of us can.  But, there is a way for you to be part of the Super Bowl and make memories you can share with your children and grandchildren someday.  Be a volunteer in a group that will be known as "Crew 52", they're going to need 10,000 volunteers so your odds are pretty good!

How cool would it be years from now to say you were part of Super Bowl 52 at US Bank Stadium?  The application process just opened and obviously for safety sake it's quite extensive, but wouldn't you want it to be?  Now bear in mind you would not be inside the stadium during your volunteer efforts, you might not even be AT the actual stadium.  The job that you would do would be welcoming the over one million guests that are expected to attend.  That may mean you're at the airport or at a nearby hotel.  Basically you're going to be the face that has the answers that the fans can go to when they have questions.  They are also asking that you make a commitment to the week, you will have to fulfill three different shifts.  These shifts will be anywhere from 4-6 hours long and somewhere in the week of January 27-February 4 of 2018.  A lot to ask, but again you'll be part of history!

Some things you should know.  You need to be at least 18 years or old, so you'll need to find child care for your kids, don't plan on bringing them with and trying to keep them busy.  4-6 hours will be a long time for the little ones and you may receive a job that is outside.  They will be conducting background checks and you will have a training session to make sure you're comfortable with the job you're assigned.  The upside to all of this is some souvenirs that you'll take home from your experience with a uniform kit.  A jacket, polo shirt and a backpack.

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