I guess it's that time of year.  I tell you of the IRS scams in February and May, now that we're on the cusp of summer I need to share info about blacktop scams.  Honestly, you really can never let your guard down, you never know where the next scam will hit you!

I'll tell you right up front that if you are familiar with the name of the paving or blacktop company because they have been in the Northland for years, you're probably ok.  But, there are "traveling contractors" in town that will show up at your door with what appears to be legit business cards and make promises that they can get the job down fast and cheap.  If you have an upcoming event at your home like a graduation party or wedding both are very enticing.  However, you could be opening yourself up for a headache.  Oh sure, they'll show up and do a little work, but then their tune will change and they'll say they need to return the next day to finish and never show up (especially if you have paid their fee in full).  Or, they will say the price has gone up and double the charge, threatening not to finish the project unless you pay up.

Please watch your elderly relatives and neighbors that can be easily influenced.  The scammers may suggest doing something as simple as sealing their driveway.  Maybe stating it would be a cheaper alternative to a full driveway repaving.

According to wdio.com, they say if they're pushing to do it right away, want you to pay in cash or suggest they've got leftover materials to use up, you should be suspicious.

We really need to be aware of every purchase we make and be leery of offers that seem to good to be true.  Again, you know what companies have done business in the Northland for years and are familiar, that's probably your best route to go.

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