This is a weird question but stay with me here.

According to a Minneapolis television station, we may be helping bring back the antenna television. Goodbye cable.

The report states that eight million people are expected to ditch their cable this year. Of course, this isn't a huge shock. People are obsessed with streaming services, which are cheaper and usually have more to offer. Antenna television is another option.

But what does Minnesota have to do with it?

Well, an employee of an antenna installation company in the Twin Cities says he's been getting so many requests for an antenna, he physically can't keep up with the demand.

Have we started a trend here in Minnesota? It is too soon to tell for sure but jumping the cable ship seems to be a popular choice in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. We are bringing it back for ourselves, that's for sure.

I will be interested to see if any other states are in a similar situation or follow suit.

Interesting. Very interesting.

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