Another day, another survey. I kind of like the findings of this one, though!

WalletHub released the findings for one of their most recent studies on Monday (April 1st) and the theme of this one was something we all know well: stress.

The website ranked all the states from most to least stressed using many different factors, including hours of sleep residents get each night, hours worked every week, job security, affordability of housing and more.

So where did we rank? The answer may surprise you!

According to the study, Minnesota is the least-stressed state in the entire country. A closer look at the findings show that we have the least amount of residents in pair and/or fair health. Minnesotans also have some of the highest credit scores in the nation along with some of the lowest divorce rates in the country. It also helps that we are one of the states that has the most psychologists per capita.

Wisconsin fared well, too. Wisconsin is one of the least-stressed out states, rounding out the top 50 and coming in at number 43. Wisconsinites didn't fall under any of the "best" or "worst" categories but still found a good spot in the rankings.

Take a look at how stressed the rest of the country is below:

Source: WalletHub

Ha! I will remember this study next time I'm having a tough day.

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