I didn't eat my first Reuben sandwich until I was 27 years old.  I guess I was a late bloomer with corn beef.  My mom hated it so she never cooked it growing up.  I was deprived of this delicious discovery until several years ago.  Now, one of my favorite sandwiches is the Reuben.  But where do you get one for a decent price that isn't at a sit down restaurant?  Found it.  It's at Arby's.

Using my regular criteria, I'll rate it from 0-5 in 4 categories with the highest total possible 20.

Presentation: 5  The picture you see above is the actual picture of the sandwich I got.  It's the size you expect, it's thick, nicely organized, and looks like it is advertised.  Bravo!!

Taste:  5  It is delicious.  It tastes just like a Reuben should.  The only one small thing I would rather see different is if the bread was lightly toasted, but I'm not complaining.  I opted for the regular corn beef.  They also have the option of adding turkey but I was worried it would spoil the corn beef flavor.  It is a really good Reuben.

Quantity:  5  It's a hefty sandwich and the perfect amount.  Like I said, I didn't even get the optional "stacked" version and it was still plenty of food.

Value:  5  A sandwich like this anywhere else would cost 8-9 dollars alone.  For the medium combo I believe it cost somewhere around 8 bucks.  That's definitely worth the price.

If you like a Reuben, you'll love the one from Arby's.  Nicely done guys.




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