My family loves gyros. We’ve driven past the Arby’s sign in West Duluth and seen the 2 gyros for $6 offer on the sign and thought we’d finally give it a try. Especially after seeing their hilarious ad on TV several times. We went through the drive through and when we got home, we were surprised at what we had. Apparently, I don’t pay attention to the ads on TV, nor did I “get it” when my husband placed our order.

I’m not a fan of plain lamb meat, but love it when it’s seasoned for gyros. I was all set to enjoy what I expected to be a traditional gyro, but apparently you can’t get a traditional gyro at the Arby's West Duluth store. It’s totally my fault, if I wasn’t checking my emails while my husband was ordering I would have heard the question, "roast beef or turkey?"  What I unwrapped and sunk my teeth into was a pile of roast beef. Those meat choices do NOT make a gyro in my mind.  Because the TV ad says, "New" Traditional Greek, I thought that's what I'd get.  What I got wasn't a gyro, it was a roast beef pita with tzatziki sauce.

To review the roast beef pita I got accurately and to give Arby’s their due, there WAS a large quantity of roast beef. The pita was warm and soft, the lettuce and tomato was crisp and fresh. There was just the right amount of onions, but I could have used a bit more tzatziki sauce and would have been much happier if there was actual gyro meat used.

I don’t think it should be called a gyro if they don’t use seasoned lamb meat. Am I wrong? Oh, and to be sure that it wasn't just an error on my husband's part, I called the West Duluth Arby's and was told that they didn't offer the lamb gyro meat at that store and wouldn't be doing so.  Obviously, when I go to Arby’s again, I’ll stick to a roast beef sandwich and will expect roast beef, but I won’t be ordering another gyro from them.

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