Police officers are out there every day protecting the innocent citizens in our community.  I believe most people understand this, but many may not realize all that goes into a day on the job for a police officer.  The city of Duluth has a great, hands on, program available to help educate people on the tasks and challenges our officers face.

Since 1997, the Duluth Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy has provided an opportunity for citizens to receive 11 weeks of both classroom and field instruction regarding the various responsibilities facing police officers.  The next round of classes begin March 16, and applications are now being accepted.

The classes include learning the rationale that goes into a variety of scenarios, including the use of force, narcotics enforcement, criminal investigations and more.

You will also get to ride along with an officer and learn how to use some the of the department's specialized weapons.

If you are interested, follow the link below to get complete information as well as an application and authorization form.

Should you decide to participate let us know, we'd love to hear about your experiences upon completion of the academy.


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