Earlier this year a large bell was stolen from a church and a cemetery in Minnesota. Looks like it has happened again except in a different city.

Back in January of this year, the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office received a report of a large bell found in a ditch with straps all around the bell near the reporter's home just north of the Fort Road in Brighton Township. The bell was said to have extensive damage to it and was stolen from  a cemetery and a church.

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According to CBS Minnesota, a historic bronze bell has been missing from the Swan Lake Cemetery Chapel in Dassel for the last three weeks. it was also reported that the bell weighed about 1,000 pounds and was gifted to the Swan Lake Lutheran Church. The church was located where the chapel is currently.

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The report went on to say there were distinguishable tire tracks in the grass near the chapel. The cemetery board believes someone backed up a truck or a trailer or something. They also believe that someone may have put a jack underneath there to lift the bell out of its cradle, due to blue marks left where the bell was.

The board isn't sure why someone would want to steal the bell. It is noted that the chapel is located off a dirt road in rural farmland. It is also noted that the cemetery board members reported the theft to the Meeker County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating this incident.

What I find interesting is that the incident that happened in January was at the old Swan Lake Catholic Church. This incident happened at a place called the Swan Lake Cemetery Chapel. Different places with similar names.

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