Want a dog that will play with you?  Because Freddy is a dog that wants a human that will play with him!  Our Animal Allies Pet of the Week is Freddy, a tan and white Labrador mix who is already neutered and looking for his forever home.  

Every Wednesday at 8:10 Ken and I talk with Daryl Yankee from Animal Allies about the Pet of the Week and this week it's Freddy, an almost 4 year old dog that loves to play.   [more adoptable pets]

Freddy joined the Animal Allies family from a previous home.  He is smart, friendly, and playful and especially loves squeaky toys and playing tug-o-war. How smart is he?  He knows the commands for sit, get down, outside, walk, and lay down. He is an energetic almost 4 year old that has space to run on his wish list.  If that's not possible, he would be your bestie if you'd be willing to take him on walks. One important thing you should know is that Freddy would prefer to be the only dog in your family so that he can get all the love to himself!   He is in a foster home right now which is part of an Adoption Ambassador Program. That gives us a bit more info about Freddy since he isn't living at the shelter. His foster parents say that while he may want to be the only dog in the family, he's ok with cats. When he sleeps he loves to rest his head on a pillow, (CUTE!) he's happy when company comes over, and most importantly, he's house trained.  He has been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. If you are interested in adoption, please visit Animal Allies at 4006 Airport Road or give us a call at 218-722-5341 for more information.

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