You always hear fishing stories about the one that got away. That elusive big catch that is seemingly seconds away from being reeled in before the line snaps or another unfortunate circumstance allows the prize fish to escape.

Recently in Minnesota, a prize catch did not get away, it was pulled from the lake much to the delight of those on board the boat above. However, this prize catch ended up not being a fish at all, it was something more valuable.

Connor Halsa, a fourteen-year-old student at Moorhead High School, was fishing recently with his family on Lake Of The Woods. According to the Echo Press, they had stopped their boat to put spinners on their lines in preparation for a walleye drift.

As the waves took the boat, Connor felt a tug on his line. Thinking it was a big fish, he says he set his hook really hard and as his cousin prepared to net the catch into the boat, they realized it wasn't a fish. What Connor caught was a billfold full of cash.

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The surprised family took out the cash to let it dry out and once it was counted, they realized Connor had caught $2,000. Connor's dad felt they needed to return the money to the rightful owner, and Connor agreed.

Thankfully, there was also a business card inside the billfold. The family called the number on the business card and were able to track down the billfold's owner, Iowa farmer Jim Denney.

A shocked Jim Denney says he had been at Lake of the Woods fishing one year ago when he lost his wallet while sitting on the back of a boat. He then made the trip from Iowa to Moorhead to meet the Halsa family and get his cash.

Denney offered to give Connor money, but the teen wasn't interested in a cash reward. However, he did take the Halsa family out to dinner and he gave Connor a custom-made cooler to show his appreciation.

It's a great story of a nice, honest young man and his family. It's also a story that features seemingly impossible odds. Think about it: Lake Of The Woods is 70 miles long, up to 60 miles wide, and features an area of 1,727 square miles. Yet, Connor somehow managed to catch a small billfold filled with cash that had been lost for at least a year.

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