There are many reasons why you might want an alternative idea for your Thanksgiving meal.  Maybe you have more than one thanksgiving meal to attend and want a variety, this fits into your budget and a traditional Thanksgiving meal doesn't, your allergic to fowl.  I thought I'd share what we do and in the process show you how to wrap a tight eggroll.

The eggrolls that my husband and I make are Filipino style. We get asked to make them for people quite frequently.  I remember rolling 300 of them for Kylee's graduation party.  We'll show you a bit of the process of making them, but the recipe is a secret :)  Wrapping a tight egg roll is an art form and makes all the difference in the world when frying them.  If they aren't wrapped tightly, they will open when frying and you'll loose all the filling.

What are some alternative Thanksgiving meal ideas that you've served and have become tradition?

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