Some people don't wear their life jackets because they feel it's too restrictive, can you imagine wearing it to work all day?  That's exactly what some did for "wear your life jacket to work day" to raise awareness for the importance of having one for every person in the boat.  If you have children, but don't have a life jacket for them, here is your chance to pick one up for free from  Essentia Health-St. Mary's Children's Hospital and Kohl's Cares.


This is the fourth year that Essentia Health- St. Mary's Children's Hospital and Kohl's Care has provided life jackets to the community and uses that day to also teach water safety to the kids AND their parents.  So important!  According to Essentia Health's healthy living magazine, they will distribute 1,300 free life jackets within an hour and a half in the parking lot of Kohl's, 2115 Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth tomorrow, June 18.  Attendance to this event is usually epic, they even have a free shuttle

Before you stand in line, you should be aware that your child/children need to be present for proper fitting.  But, you should really try to make it, there are laws where life jackets are concerned in both MN and WI.  The law in MN requires that children under the age of 10 have to wear a life jacket whether they're in a boat or watercraft that isn't docked.  They also recommend that the child wear a life jacket if they are near the water, for example on a dock or near the shoreline.  In WI, children under the age of 13 must wear a properly fitted Personal Flotation Device (life jacket) when on board any vessel.

Thank you to the Kohl's Cares program funding this program with a grant for $42,566.  They have generously donated to this cause every year!