They may have "retired" in 2004, but with renewed attention due to the Brad Paisley single "Old Alabama", the members of the band Alabama are talking about their touring and recording plans for 2012.

"We're talking about doing maybe 20 shows next year," Alabama co-founder, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cook said by phone recently. "I never felt it was right that a band called Alabama should end their career in Bismarck, North Dakota. It should have ended in Birmingham or Huntsville."

There are also talks of a new Alabama album.

Missing from discussion is what role Mark Herndon will play in a possible reunion - and, what interest there would be in 3-quarters of the Hall Of Fame band on the road and in music stores. A bitter lawsuit between the former members of Alabama and Herndon have left relationships in the band splintered. Although Herndon was "only an employee" of the band, to most fans that's a non-issue; They're used to seeing and hearing the band as it was when they were riding the charts with an impressive string of hits.

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