It's finally happening! The ball is rolling on the next season of The Bachelorette and it just so happens that the lead is from Minnesota.

If you are single or know someone who is, you can send ABC some information on yourself and you may get on the show. This would probably give you an advantage because you and the lead could bond over being from Minnesota and your way of life. Hey, she may even feel at home with someone from Wisconsin!

So how can you apply? You can do so right now on ABC's casting website. They say they are looking for someone who has "charm, style, class and culture" to be on the show and date the leading lady. The casting site also says you should be outgoing.

The application asks you for some basic details, like name, birthday and contact information to start. From there, you are asked several other questions about your height, weight, work status and more.

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Some of the questions get more serious and ask about your background, if you've ever been to jail, what you studied in school and if you've ever taken part in any other reality shows or auditioned for one.

Of course, there are questions about love too. You are asked about your relationship history and what you would like to find in a lover. Awwww.

My favorite part is that you can actually nominate someone to be on the show. This would be perfect if you know a great man who is single. All you have to do is give some basic information about the person and send in a few photos.

Our Minnesotan lead is going to be amazing! In case you don't watch the show, I can fill you in. Michelle Young is an elementary school teacher from Edina who made it to the final two of The Bachelor last season. She is one of two new leads that came out of the season, choosing to film her season second so she could finish out the school year with her kids.

With all that being said, if you know someone who is single and would be a good match, or even if it is you, apply today and represent Minnesota on the silver screen!

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