Given that he's the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers probably was a little more familiar with this question than others might be.

If you've been following sports and pop culture at all recently, you might know that the reigning NFL MVP is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers, of course, plays for the Vikings' arch-enemies, the Green Bay Packers, and while he still does that (for at least one or two more years anyway), he's also been using the off-season to fill in as a guest host on the TV game show, Jeopardy!

Rodgers is, by most accounts, a really, really smart guy-- and not just on the football field. His two-week run as guest-host on Jeopardy! no doubt came about because he's been a big fan of the show ever since he was a kid. And because he appeared as a contestant during a Celebrity Jeopardy! tournament back in 2015, and hasn't been shy of saying he'd like to be the next permanent host of the show.

If you put those things together, you can see why he was rather incredulous that all three contestants on the show earlier this week didn't know the answer to the following question: "In the 1960s, these Midwesterners earned 5 NLF Championship trophies."

Now, being that I'm a proud Wisconsinite, of course, I knew the answer: The Green Bay Packers. (Or, in the Jeopardy vernacular, in the form of a question, "Who are the Green Bay Packers?") Aaron, of course, also knew the answer and appeared a little stunned that none of the three even buzzed in to answer such an easy question. His reaction is actually pretty funny-- check it out in the video below:

Of course, living here in Minnesota, I realize that not everyone knows-- or cares-- about the storied history of the NFL's smallest franchise over in Green Bay. But, having grown up in Wisconsin, I can tell you that most Wisconsinites know more about the Packers' history than they know about the general history of the state of Wisconsin or of the U.S., come to think of it.

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