All week long, we are giving away tickets to The Haunted Shack on The Breakfast Club!

In order to win tickets, you have to be able to name the scary movie based on the clip we play. Ken has been horrified all week, especially when he had to pull up the clip below and watch it. It is from one of the most famous horror movies of all time - The Shining!

Ken was even more horrified when I told him that I have visited the inspiration behind the film. The iconic hotel (The Stanley) the movie is based off of is in Estes Park, Colorado. I used to live just a few hours away and made a few trips there over the past few years. One of my most recent trips was on Thanksgiving Day last year. I admit, I look a little too excited to be there.

Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth
Lauren Wells, Townsquare Media Duluth

If I could go to all the important places in Halloween horror movie history, I would.

Don't forget to tune in to The Breakfast Club for your chances to win tickets to The Haunted Shack!

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