It's our first major snowfall of the season!  At least it missed Thanksgiving by a few days.   Now that the advisory has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning it's time to reconnect with our winter driving skills, slow it down and allow extra time for scraping, shoveling and warming the car.  The Duluth Police Department has also given some suggestions on what roadway would be best to use during this storm and tips on clearing the snow before the cold weather hits.  Yes, that's coming next!

30 accidents due to slippery road conditions had already been reported by the time I was writing this blog.  That prompted the Duluth Police Department to urge drivers to use the 21st Avenue West detour as the quickest route around construction as it will continue to be the first route plowed.

The National Weather Service says there will be a short break in the storm then snow is expected to continue through Tuesday and into Wednesday. The total snow fall totals for the Duluth area could reach up to 20 inches .

Winds won't be a factor during the snowfall, however we'll begin to see a drop in temperatures Wednesday and it will become bitterly cold. As the temperatures drop the winds will increase causing dangerous wind chills.

The National Weather Service recommends you shovel prior to the cool down late Wednesday. As the cool weather comes through the area, the snow pack will freeze and be hard, if not impossible, to shovel. UGH!

Travel slowlly, be smart and stay safe!

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