This isn't a headline you see everyday: a buffalo is on the loose in Rochester.

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office broke the news Sunday (May 27th) on their Facebook page. According to their post, the buffalo was spotted in the "area of 40th Street SW and Bamber Valley Road" in the southwestern part of the city.

ABC 6 in Rochester says the buffalo was first spotted on Sunday evening by a man who was herding his cattle in the area. Law enforcement tried to tend to the animal before leaving for safety reasons.

Other media outlets in the area report that the owner of the buffalo has been identified and is working with the right officials to figure out how to put an end to the situation.

The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office warns residents who may spot the buffalo to stay far away from it and to call local law enforcement instead.

A buffalo may look cute but you definitely don't want to get too close! It is important to remember it is still a wild animal.

Hopefully he is returned home safely soon!

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