What better way to start a dreary, rainy Monday than to tell bad jokes?

That's exactly what Ken & I did this morning. Every Monday morning on The New Breakfast Club, we switch off telling bad jokes until one of us finally crumbles and laughs! We call this the Monday Morning Laugh Off. Good news: our jokes seem to be getting worse with time.

Ken and I battled it out and for once, I won! I was finally victorious thanks to an awful joke about stroganoff. Yes, really. (You definitely don't want to miss this one!)

Because Ken cracked up at my joke early on, we decided to tell a few more bad jokes that we had up our sleeves. Hilarity ensued, mainly at our reactions to these dumb jokes. (By the way, I thought my sweet potato joke was amazing.)

To watch us battle it out, watch our laugh off above.

By the way - If you want a good laugh, you can watch our previous Monday Morning Laugh Offs here and send bad jokes our way if you have any!

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