Chris Stapleton blew up on the country music scene following his performance at the 2015 CMA's with Justin Timberlake.  Many people, like me, went out and purchased his album 'The Traveller' the next day.   Now his second studio album 'From A Room: Vol 1' has been released, and we get another solid line up of hits.  Here's the ones I really hope he will play.

  • 1


    The title track and the first song you'll hear on 'The Traveller.'  It sets the mood for the album, and it's just a great tune.

  • 2

    Nobody To Blame

    One of his radio hits, Nobody To Blame should be familiar to you.  But as you can see, he spices it up a bit live.

  • 3

    Might As Well Get Stoned

    I think Chris Stapleton might smoke marijuana.  I'm not sure.  If you've ever wanted to hear psychedelic steel guitar, this is your song.

  • 4

    Broken Halos

    Broken Halos is the first track on his second album From A Room Vol 1.  This album is a very mellow album, but this one track has got some tempo and I hope he'll play it.

  • 5

    Either Way

    Chris wrote this song back in 2006 for Leann Womack. He included it on his second album, and it gives you goosebumps when he hits the chorus.  Like most of his second album, it's a slow one.  But, this song has enough heart to stop the crowd.

  • 6


    Another one of his radio hits, Parachute offers quite a punch and will sure to be on his set list.

  • 7

    Whiskey And You

    Whiskey and You is the 5th track on his debut album, and it quickly becomes one of your favorites.  It's a slow, sad song, but I really hope he works it in.

  • 8

    Them Stems

    Ok, I really think Chris Stapleton might smoke pot.  Still not 100% sure.

  • 9

    Tennessee Whiskey

    We know he'll play this one, and I'm sure you're familiar with it.  We needed to put it on the list because I wanted to hear it again.

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