The City of Duluth has a great website with lots of resources and information, I've dug around and found the 6 best things that you might find useful and informational.

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    Alternate Side Parking Information

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    Ever wonder what side of the street in Duluth you're suppose to park on, and wait to SEE where everyone else parks to figure it out? On Sunday, it's not so easy to figure out, since you can park on EITHER side.  No more wondering.  The City of Duluth has a link on their website that has the Alternate Side Parking Schedule.  It also has all the information you need for winter parking.  Reminders on how far the snow needs to be from driveways and phone numbers to call for plowing.

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    Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Program

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    Beyond The Yellow Ribbon is a program that allows different organizations and groups in the community to work together to create a network that can support Service Members and their families.  Service Members, present and past,  can find out what resources are available to them and their families and community members get information on how to help.  Thank you to the City of Duluth and those involved with Duluth becoming a Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Community!

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    Construction Services & Inspection/Building Safety Information

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    Whether you're in the planning stages, needing to know if your project will need a building permit, or need an engineer to oversee, the City of Duluth's website has a one stop shop for you.  Take the guess work out and avoid a fine, by visiting this extremely informative webpage.

    Their mission statement is:

    To promote the health and safety of Duluth citizens through fair, consistent code enforcement of state and municipal law by developing staff and community awareness, education and cooperation.

    You can find out how the Duluth Fire Department has enhanced their services to protect your home.  Apply for Utility Services, apply for a building permit, (something I've found the hard way, that you have to do for almost any outside home improvement), and learn about back flow prevention.

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    Road Construction Information

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    From road information to complete details on what's closed and/or now opened with the I-35 Mega Project, it's all there for you on an easy-to-use webpage "constructed" by MN-DOT.  There is a phone number to report pot holes and even hook up with the MnDot Traffic Cameras.

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    Re-Leaf Duluth Program

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    The City of Duluth has recently launched a new campaign to help restore the canopy of our urban forest. They have dedicated $5000 towards the cost associated with purchase and planting of trees. What does this mean to you as a homeowner? You simply agree to care for the tree they plant on your boulevard for the first three years of its life and pay half its cost which would amount to $25. You even have the opportunity to choose the tree you would most like. Here's the online form to get yours.

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    Buy a Rain Barrel

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    Once again, the City of Duluth is proving that they have gone "green". Why buy a rain barrel? It's environmentally friendly. The City suggests it because it's a FREE option when water used doesn't need to be treated, like for drinking or cooking. Since drinking water is a precious commodity, we might as well take advantage of what Mother Nature provides. Rain water preserves our resources. It's also been said that plants grow better with rainwater (don't know if that one is proven or not). While the City does not actually "sell" rain barrels, they do give you some options on where you can purchase one.

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