I've really been doing a good job for the most part eating healthier in the last 6 months.  I've lowered my blood pressure by eating more vegetables and fruit (not canned), I've been exercising 4-5 times a week, and avoiding fast food as much as I can.

The hardest part?  Eating healthy at work.  I can't always pack a lunch, I already pack a breakfast every day for at work.  Here's why it's tough.

Fast food is so much cheaper. It's so much cheaper to get a $1 burger from the burger joint, then spend $6-7 on a salad that doesn't even fill you up.

There's not many quick places to get healthy food. There's not a lot of fast healthy food out there, and when you think it's healthy, often times it's not.  I "eat fresh" at the sandwich shop when I can, but you can only eat that so often.  And it get also get spendy.

Convienence. I can walk next door to the gas station, buy a chuckwagon sandwich and a bag of chips and get back to work right away.  Otherwise I have to wait for the car to warm up, drive a ways, get out, get the food, get back in the car, and drive back to work.  Not to mention in cold climates, that's not the best for your car.

Taste. Has anyone ever ordered a salad, or a plate of veggies for their last meal?  Once in a while I want something with flavor.

Surrounded by good smells. Within a block of either direction, we have 2 pizza places and two burger places.  Come on!  That's not even fair.  No matter which direction the wind is blowing, something way better smelling than fresh fruit hits my nostrils.

So somedays, like today,  I just stand in guilt watching my gas station sandwich spin around and around in the dirty microwave.... loaded with fat and sodium... topped off with a big grab bag of chips... feeling defeated.

Tomorrow.... that's when I'll have a salad.