2019 is going to be the best year ever. Why you ask? Because Kelsea Ballerini is coming to Duluth!

The trio will hit the stage next May and there is no doubt it will be an AMAZING show!

Both Young and Ballerini have a ton of hits to their name but what about the songs you haven't heard?

This time around, we will talk about the female superstar and the deep cuts spread throughout her two albums. They are ALL jams but a few of them stick out for the best reasons.

In order to help you start preparing for the big show, I chose my five favorite songs by the power house. I'm sure she will be singing them in the Northland before we know it!

Listen to these on repeat and we will see you at the show!

  • 1

    Get Over Yourself

    I love the song for the title alone. The tune is Ballerini's sassiest EVER as she sings about how obessed her ex is - with himself. She has love songs aplenty so this is a great change of pace and it's a jam too.

  • 2


    There is no shortage of breakup songs across her first album 'The First Time' but none of them come close to this heartbreaker. This song opens her second album and proves she didn't come to play this time around. She can write songs with the best of them. Yes please.

  • 3

    Secondhand Smoke

    This song could make even a grown man cry. This tune was penned about her parent's divorce. She sings about hearing them fight and trying to break the cycle of love gone bad in her own life. It's heart wrenching and personal and proves she has more layers than we know.

  • 4

    Miss Me More

    There's a reason her tour is named after this one. On this track, the vocalist is mad and she doesn't care who knows it. She sings about missing herself more than she could ever miss her ex, who tried to change her into who he wanted her to be. Somewhere this boy is kicking himself.

  • 5

    Fun And Games

    This is a newer song which is featured on the deluxe edition of her second album. It's fun, which Ballerini always does well. Her vocals are playful and the songwriting is strong, witty and as catchy as can be. I haven't stopped singing it since.

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