We should all be pros at driving in the snow, right? We live in an area that is pretty brutal, and we are no strangers to driving through some tough winter weather. However, some people still don't get it, and with this first major snow event of the season, we've seen these frustrating things.

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    Nothing is more frustrating. Motorists need extra space with the road conditions. Some people are driving slower. It could be someone that's new to winter driving, a brand new driver, or someone just scared for their life. BACK OFF.

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    Distracted Driving

    Yes, we should never be on our phones or distracted while driving. It's so frustrating to see this year round, but especially when road conditions are poor. You need both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road trying to anticipate any obstacle coming your way.

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    Pulling Out In Front Of You

    Ever had a car that was trying to beat traffic and pull out from a side street right in front of you, only to struggle to get traction and then cause you to slam on your brakes? Of course you have. It happens all the time.

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    Think AWD Means They Can Go Anywhere

    Technology including all wheel drive and traction control are great and they have made many cars much safer. But, this doesn't mean you should rely on them and think you are invincible on the road. Remember, these devices don't help you stop faster on ice.

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    Forget To Turn On Their Headlights

    It's the law. If there is precipitation falling, you need to have your lights on. Especially with heavy snow falling, we need to be able to see you.

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