It was announced earlier this week that Dierks Bentley & Luke Bryan would not be returning as hosts of this year's Academy of Country Music Awards. The two had a great chemistry and were a lot of fun so this was sad news for country fans everywhere.

The two haven't said exactly why they won't be returning to the giant gig. Rumor has it that Bryan couldn't because of his commitment with American Idol, which premieres again next month. Both Bryan & Bentley joked that they got fired. No matter the reason, we are sad.

There have been other host shakeups in the past so this isn't a first. Thankfully, country music is filled with other amazing and hilarious people that could step in and take their place this year.

The news got me thinking, who would be a good candidate? I thought it over and came up with a list of five country acts that could fill the shoes later this year.

Who made the cut? Watch the video above to find out.

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