I once was told by someone that our surroundings shape us for our adult life, and some of our childhood is programmed into us. When I read this article I was shocked that some of these games exist. Other people are noticing.......something isn't right.

It's hard to think of an activity more wholesome and family-friendly than an evening spent playing board games. But just as film has its 'Clockwork Orange', fiction has its 'Catcher in the Rye', and video gaming has its Grand Theft Auto, so too the world of board games has its controversial black sheep. Here are five you should probably skip at your next family game night.

War on Terror War on Terror: The Board Game

It has cards called "Suicide Bomber," "Regime Change," and "Terrorist Attack," uses a spinner dubbed the Axis of Evil, and comes with a ski mask with the word "EVIL" written in red across its forehead. It's War on Terror: The Board Game, and it raised eyebrows by making light of what, at the time of its 2006 debut, was a pretty serious issue. Quoted in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, War on Terror co-designer Andy Tompkins said the game is intended "to make you question who the terrorists really are. Are they the ones blowing people up with suicide bombers, or the ones destroying countries with planes?" Regardless of how you answer that question, the game was quite a hit with critics and retains a healthy fanbase.

Ghettopoly Ghettopoly

A clumsy attempt at parodying Monopoly, Ghettopoly replaced the board's railroads with liquor stores, its houses with crackhouses, and its income-tax squares with carjackings and police shakedowns. Unsurprisingly, it didn't last long: it was withdrawn from sale -- at well-regarded retalier Urban Outfitters, no less -- after being dubbed racist by a number of prominent African-American groups. Hasbro, owners of the Monopoly trademark, wasn't amused either, and took legal action against the game's creator. All that kerfuffle had the effect of making Ghettopoly something of a collectors' item; it routinely sells for a few hundred bucks.

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