The nation's prayers were answered last week when missing teen Jayme Closs was discovered alive - and safe after a three-month-long disappearance.

In case you missed it: Closs had been missing since mid-October after her parents were found shot dead in their home. There was no sign of Closs and no clues as to where she might be.

The case grabbed national attention from the start and continues now with news that the teen is safe and sound. This case hit close to home for those in the Midwest, like us, who aren't far from her hometown of Barron and where she was found, in Gordon.

In honor of the good news, crime newsmagazine '48 Hours' dedicated a special edition of their show to Closs and the case. The episode aired Saturday (January 12th) after another previously-scheduled episode of the show. The episode is dedicated to Closs and is titled "Jayme Closs Comes Home."

The special episode focused on the case AND the aftermath of Closs being found alive. It featured interviews with the superintendent of her school, the Barron County Sheriff at the head of the case, the woman who Closs approached after escaping in Gordon and her aunt, with whom she was reunited with shortly after breaking free.

"Jayme Closs Comes Home" also briefly touched on stories of other missing children.

I watched the episode and felt that, overall, it gave off a feeling of hope. It focused on the hard facts of the story but even more so touched on a nation coming together to search for Closs, determined to find her and bring her home. You could feel the love everyone has for her throughout.

By the way - a recovery fund has been set up for Closs. So far, it has raised over fifty-thousand dollars and counting.

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